How to Get a Stall in Public Market

Public market is one of the best place to start your wholesale or retail business, be it grocery, dry goods, fruits and vegetables dealer or meat products stall, . Public markets in the Philippines offers low location fee to keep your business going, compared to other private stalls. Another advantage of acquiring a stall in public market is the large amount of potential buyers going in and out of the place everyday, many people go to the market to buy their needs and with many potential customer you can always practice your marketing and management skill. Since it is a marketplace, expect a lot of competition to get a single customer. Also setting up a grocery store is one of the common business opportunities in the Philippines so the competition is hard.

So how to get a stall in public market? Honestly it is hard to get one, you need someone with connection inside the market to get a stall, but if there's a will there's a way so read on and learn how to penetrate inside the public market.

First thing you need to do is find the market administrator and ask for a vacant stall. If lady luck smiles upon you then you might find some stall but the location is quite bad. Well it depends if you want it or not, just remember that in a business location and capital are very important.

Second tip I can give you is to befriend stall owners. This way you can get information from them on how to get stall on public markets. Using this befriending method, you will gain information and make a move. Sometimes asking bluntly also have good returns so to save time just ask directly.

Those are two ways to acquire a stall on public market in the Philippines. Just a reminder though, you must think carefully before buying a stall, always check their balances in market administrator because if you bought a stall with a standing debt on market administrator, you will be the one to pay that debts so always ask and be informed. Remember that getting information is important especially if you want to start a small business in the Philippines.

Well it's been a while since my last post and it hurts me to post this half-assed article but I need to post something until my brain cells is alive once more.