Agriculture Business in Philippines

If you love growing vegetables, planting fruits, tending and feeding the chickens, milking the cows and other agricultural stuffs then agriculture business must be the right one for you. There are many business out there that can help you grow your income and achieve a good living when you retire and agriculture business is one of them. If you want to know some agriculture business opportunities in the Philippines then you are in the right page because this post will help you out in your plans and feasibility study and choosing the right small business opportunities that will work best for you.

There are many agriculture business in the Philippines and if you are planning to start one then you are in the right page because we will discuss different things that can help you in your business plans and decisions. Personally I love agricultural business especially goat raising, vegetable growing and free range chickens.

This post will guide you to the business that you want to try out, just click the link and presto! Gather the information that can help you in your feasibility study or planning. Be advised that the list will be constantly updated to give you the best and latest information available.


Goat Raising in the Philippines - A comprehensive guide on how to raise goats and how you can sell them for profit. This guide consist of information you must know in order to achieve a healthy and profitable goat raising business.

Cattle Raising in the Philippines - If you have a huge track of land and you are willing to spend your time building forage, then cattle raising is just right for you. This guide will teach you how to raise your cattle for meat and how to market them efficiently. Pest and diseases will also be covered here.

Free Range Chicken Raising - Organically grown chicken market are growing because of increasing demand and curiosity of the people. Learn step by step procedure on how to raise free range chickens.

How to Raise Pigs in the Philippines - Raising hogs is one of the best money maker in the Philippines if you have the necessary knowledge, techniques and you have the proper location. This guide will help you if you are planning to establish a small scale piggery in your backyard.

Fruits and Vegetable Farming Guide

Ampalaya Production Guide - A step by step guide in planting ampalaya and how to sell it in the market. We will talk about the pest and diseases, soil requirements and of course the capital needed in order to start this small business.

Tomato Production Guide - Same with ampalaya production but tomatoes will require more capital and you will earn more money from it. We will tackle about organic and chemical growing that can help you in your planning.

The list will be updated regularly to give you the latest information.

There you go guys some of the recommended agriculture business in the Philippines, hope you enjoyed the topic and it helped you in your business plans. If you want to know more about different small business opportunities in the Philippines, please feel free to browse this blog. If you have any questions are suggestions you can use the comment section below.


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