How to Start Canteen Business

If you know how to cook then starting a small eatery or canteen (karinderya) is a good business for you, with your passion in cooking and entrepreneurial spirit you can start a small businessthat can make you earn good amount of cash. But take note that it is not simple to start this kind of business because there are many things to consider in order to become successful, you can read this blog post and learn the do's and don'ts and the simple strategy you need to do.

First thing you need to do is to find an ideal place to start canteen business, location is very important when starting a business, finding a strategic location will jump start your business and this is a must for all SME business ideas in the Philippines. Ideal place is the local market (palengke), near municipal halls and schools, those areas have sure market. Another thing you need to take note at the location is the competition, read the question below and use it as a guideline to evaluate the place.

Ask yourself.

How many canteens, restaurants or fast food chains are present in the area?
Can I compete with them?
Who is the strongest competition in the area?
What foods does the customer like in strongest canteens?
What do I need to do in order to get customers?

When you already answered the questions above and you are really determined to start your canteen business then its time to get started and cook foods and devise a good marketing strategy to get a market share!

Second thing you need to do is purchase the things your canteen/eatery need,

Things you need to have!

kitchen tools (stove, woks, colander etc...)
water jugs
monoblock chairs and tables
television (optional)

*You can get a borrowed refrigerator from Coca Cola agents but you can only sell Coca Cola products, you can save ten thousand for a refrigerator though.

Third thing you need to do is to go to municipal hall and register your business, better do it early so you will not encounter any problems when you are already starting your business, you also need to get health permits and other stuffs to legalize your eatery, consider it as part of your investments.

If you already done those things then its time to decide what to cook, make sure that your food is delicious! This way your customers will come back for more. Most common viands are menudo, Bicol Express, porkchop, fried chicken and vegetables like gulay na munggo, lumpiang sariwa and others. If you want the recipe, you can refer to the links below, it can help you in your cooking.

Delicious Food Recipes for Your Canteen/Eatery Business

Please remember that in order to get customers you must treat them like your family, be nice to them and always smile, serve good tasting foods and don't charge too much, especially if you are near the school, you can make a value meal for students this way they can save money and they will always eat in your eatery. You can also add soup, beef soup is the best, customers love it and if they love eating at your place you will earn more and become an established eatery in your area.

If you want to earn more and serve more on your menu you can start a barbecue stall outside your canteen or sell porridge (lugaw) and its counterpart like lumpiang gulay.

With many viands to cook and a lot of customers to serve make sure to get trusted employees to help you in your business, educate them to be customer friendly, a employee that have a bad attitude can ruin your business you keep eye on them and don't forget to remind and educate them and you can make them do what you want just be good and nice to them. Treat your employees like friends but show them that you are the authority.

With proper management who knows your small canteen business can become a restaurant someday if you know how to treat customers well and cook delicious and affordable foods for all.


Mighty said...

i want to know more about how to get contract for putting canteens in office, like BPOs, KPO, where food expensens are paid by the company.

Andisoro said...

I want to know how 2 do prising when cooking material is supplied by the company whom im using its premesis and not paying rent or water and electrucity bill

Melo Smith said...

It is also important to do business registration in the Philippines to legalize everything.

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