Guide on Starting a Computer Shop Business

Internet surfing and LAN gaming is a big hit on the Philippines and because of Filipinos' addiction to internet and gaming, internet cafe is a good business opportunity. If you know how to troubleshoot computers and you love surfing the net and playing different kind of PC games then establishing a computer shop business is the right one for you, of course you must have all the capital you need in order to run the business smoothly without any hassle. This blog aims to help you on the basics of starting a computer shop business in the Philippines so keep reading and learn more.

Like all SME business in the Philippines, it is important to choose the right location for your business. Some good locations for internet cafe are near schools, malls and residential area, of course being in a populous area will give you more profit but the rent will be much higher. If you are living in a populated area you can consider starting a computer shop in front of your home, this will save you some money from renting and the charge for the electricity will be residential, saving you more money.

Once you have the perfect location for your internet cafe it is time to renovate! Get some carpenter to work on your shop, purchase the needed materials and while you wait for them to finish their work you must go to Gilmore to find some affordable but good computer parts. Below are the list of the computer parts you need to find in order to build a computer, take note that price varies from shop to shop so its better to check them all and buy the cheap ones.

Computer parts needed to build your own personal computer

Computer Case
Mother Board
RAM - Random Access Memory
Video Card
Power Supply
Speakers or Headphone
Hard Drive
DVD RW - Only need one
LAN Card
Monitor - I personally prefer LCD monitor to save electricity
*Operating System - preferably Windows XP

*Remember that you must buy original copy if you don't want the authority to close down your shop, better invest for original operating system to protect your business.

The estimated cost to build one computer with good specs and can run new games are fifteen thousand pesos, you can still save if you found some cheap computer parts. If you are planning to put ten units of computer then it will cost you one hundred fifty thousand (150k). It is a big investment and remember that you must still have enough capital left to run the business.

While thinking about what computer parts to buy make sure that you apply for a internet connection preferably DSL for faster internet speed. You can invest some money to make your internet connection faster, talk to your service provider about it. Faster internet will make customers happy and come back for more.

When you already bought the parts you needed and the place is ready its time to assemble your computers, hiring a skilled computer technician will make assemble fast and secure, you can install the programs by yourself to make things faster, also watching the technician working will give you idea on how to troubleshoot your computers, knowing how to troubleshoot, reformat and install programs will save you a lot of trouble when your already running your internet cafe business.

Once you finished all the things you need to do it is time to open your computer shop! To attract some customers in your first day of business try to give out promos like ten pesos per hour or play 3 hours and get 1 hour free. Make sure that the ambiance in your computer shop is good, customers love good ambiance and fast and reliable computer and internet speed, of course they also love the friendly owner of the computer shop so make sure you are friendly to your customers, spend some time talking to them when there is time, make them feel comfortable and they will always spend their time on your internet cafe.

Proper management and good attitude will boost your income, it is effective in any business opportunities. Stay tuned for more small business opportunities in the Philippines!


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Getting a business permit is great for business security, you can avoid sanctions and trouble if you pay your permit. Go to your local municipal hall and ask how to, I know you can pay quarterly if you dont have budget.

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