How to Start Grocery Store Business

In my previous post, we discussed about the basics of starting your own mini grocery store business, now we will talk about establishing a medium sized grocery store business that sells wholesale and retail. Well you if you have what it takes to be a good merchant then this business opportunity is for you. The concept is simple, buy low, sell high, make sure you are gaining profit in order to run your business, read this blog post and learn more on how to manage and earn from your grocery store business.

First thing you need to do is to find the right location so start your business, always remember that perfect location will boost any kind of business, also remember that choosing the best location will be the hardest part so it will take time. I recommend searching in marketplace, market (palengke) is a good place for your grocery store business.

When location is already done, then its time to start searching for the products you want to sell. Make sure you have the following:

  • Sugar - Asukal na puti, segunda, pula and negro.
  • Glutinous rice
  • Flour
  • Cornstarch
  • Monggo - Labo, kintab and pula
  • Canton
  • Bihon
  • Palabok
  • Canned milk (Alaska, Angel)
  • Canned goods (corned beef, sardines, tuna)
  • Powdered milk

If you have freezer or refrigerator then you must have these:

  • Hotdogs (Purefoods, Mekeni, CDO)
  • Cold cuts (Tocino, Ham, Burger Patties)
  • French Fries (preferably Lutosa brand)
  • Corned Beef (CDO, Argentina)
  • Kikiam
  • Orlian
  • Squid Balls
  • Chicken Balls

Also make sure you have these spices, repack them and they will be your money maker:

  • Paminta (Durog, buo, crack)
  • Curry Powder - as of now P180 per kilo
  • Dahon ng laurel (Bay leaves)
  • Hebe (Dried shrimps)
  • Hershey Cocoa, Class A and B cocoa
  • Bulaklak ng saging (Dried lily flower)
  • Star anis
  • Linga (sesame seeds)

Don't forget some grocery stuffs:

  • Tomato Sauce (Del Monte, UFC)
  • Spaghetti Sauce (Del Monte, UFC, Fiesta, Royal, Clara Ole)
  • Pasta (Ideal, Sunmac, Delicious, Amigo, Sunshine)
  • Macaroni (Preferably Ideal, make sure you have Elbow big, Elbow small, Shell, Salad)
  • Liver Spreads (Reno)
  • Black Beans
  • Chorizo Bilbao
  • Longganisa Macau
  • Powdered Gulaman
  • and many more!

There are still a lot more of items to sell and you will discover it once the customer asks you for it, as of now stick to the said products and gradually add later until you can fill the demands of the customers. Also if you are located in public or private market, there will be sales agents who will sell you their products, they offer lower price and they have "Bad Orders" in which you can return the item if it is damaged.

Now the trick to make your business profitable is to be nice and good to your customers, I know some of them are pain in the ass but you need them in order to survive, the more you sell the more profit you will gain so sell your products and don't hide it in your stockroom. Also remember to list down your orders and keep track of them, don't forget to list your expenses, operating expense and income so you will know if your business is running up or going down.

In my grocery store, I make a target profit for each month and make it a challenge to reach that goal, try it also and you will like it. Well thanks for reading guys and hope you learned some from starting your own grocery business, there are still more business ideas in the Philippines so keep reading to learn more!

Well thanks for reading guys and hope you learned some from starting your own grocery business, there are still more business ideas in the Philippines so keep reading to learn more!


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Jay said...

Hi Celeste! About the cost of investing in a medium sized grocery store, it really depends on you, but investing 100k to "test the market" is ok I think.

Melo Smith said...

Good thing! Aside from that, you also need to go business registration to formally recognize your business.

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